Fibrafort – Brazilian Beauty

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The post GFC demise of several Gold Coast companies that manufactured sport cruisers have made way for an influx of imports traditionally from the USA. Borne out of Brazil, the Fibrafort boats are challenging the worlds sports cruiser market with a range of high-specification quality built boats.
Fibrafort currently has the largest dealer network of the segment in Brazil with 49 domestic dealers and a further presence in 43 countries including Australia. It boasts two busy production-line produce models from 16 to 32 feet, and motor yachts measuring from 35 to 44 feet. With an organic growth of over 20 years, the company offers the highest design and technical quality which requires careful work from a dedicated production team.
Local Fibrafort distributors are making big inroads into the Australian market with well appointed models at aggressive pricing, to fill the gap in the sports cruiser segment of the Gold Coast market. The sports cruiser market has always been a fast growing form of recreational boating and with an increasing demand for new models to replace the Gold Coast built boats of the 1990’s and 2000’s, . “The Fibrafort F330 ticks all the boxes with unmatched features for the price point.”
Fibrafort proves to be an affordable family boat for weekends away on the Broadwater with enough power and agility to take the kids skiing and tubing, without ever spilling mum’s chardonnay. The hull has a unique designed that reduces noise and improve handling. Manufactured with a composite of polyurethane and fiberglass that is core filled with closed cell foam which creates a hard wearing finish.
Step onto the F330 and you instantly get the impression the boat is user-friendly. The dive platform is wide and open with a rear facing lounge that creates a wonderful on-water play area idea for swimming or disembarking with ease via the inbuilt ladder.  A retractable shower allows you to rinse of your feet, wash the kids before dinner, or take a late afternoon shower.
The cockpit layout is one of the best designed for this length boat. The captain has the comfort of a bench seat while passengers can enjoy the view from a long port side lounge. But that’s not all, there are further lounge seating encompassing the cockpit only interrupted by a transom passage way.” There is ample room to lay down a towel and catch some sunshine.
At the helm of the F330, there is a distinct white colour dashboard with chrome gauges and stylish wheel. There is space for an optional inbuilt GPS and sounder, and offers easy access to the bow with the walk through windscreen. It also has some very clever features such as a transom BBQ, removable centre table, removable esky and sound system speakers positioned in the targa.
With a capacity for 160 litres of fresh water and 380 litres of fuel you can go places. There has been no short cuts taken during the design and construction of this range of sports cruiser. The cockpit is the ideal spot to kick back when underway and provides passengers with all-round views.
Accessed through a cockpit doorway, the cabin below boasts homely accommodations that are very livable for a family. With a 1.8-metre head height, you can prepare meals in the kitchenette utilising the stainless steel sink, microwave, refrigerator and glass door pantry. Immediately to starboard is the well-proportioned bathroom with shower head. A dinette for family dinners easily converts to a double bed surrounded by windows, and overhead, a hatchway and mirrored bedhead. Another double bed amidships, which features an iconic and stylish large rectangular window finished in tinted glass and stainless steel, will ensure the kids are never bored and always have a view of nature outside. The cabin has LED lighting and European quality carpets, and plenty of cupboards, drawers and under-seat storage. The fit-out is superb. The wood finishings are all class..
This is  just a few features, but this boat needs to be seen to be believed. 
There are various petrol and diesel options available for the F330. The single engine models are powered by a 300HP to 400HP engine in either petrol or diesel, while a twin-engine set-up is fitted with 150HP to 265HP diesels, or 190HP to 260HP petrol engines. The engine access is first-rate, through a large gas-lift hatch in the cockpit giving generous room to complete required maintenance.
The F330 is a responsive performer and shows no reluctance when pushing itself onto the plane. Overall, the Fibrafort F330 lives up well to its sports cruiser label, and will no doubt impress current sport cruiser users and those wanting an all-round family fun boat.


“The Fibrafort F330 epitomises a sports cruiser with sporty good looks and a layout that defies the boat’s physical dimensions. It is a beauty!”
Editorial by Andy Kancachian


Boating Syndication Australia will unveil its largest-ever display at the Sydney International Boat Show, starting on Thursday. The highlight of the display will be the first on-water display in Australia of the Fibrafort F400 Gran Coupe – all the way from Brazil.
According to BSA’s Andrew Young, the Fibrafort F400 is perhaps the best-built 40-foot cruisers since the Riviera M400 was released. “She is a rocket,” he says. “I brought her to Sydney Harbour from Brooklyn over the weekend and she accelerates incredibly well. She is capable of high speeds and reaches speed effortlessly.
”This is also a beautifully designed and equipped boat. There is every bell and whistle a luxury boat owner could want. The bathroom includes a separate shower stall, fully tiled. Most 40-footers on the market have what we call a ‘wet head’. The shower is part of the bathroom and everything gets wet. Not on the Fibrafort.”

Fibrafort F210 Bowrider: Review

A sporty, nicely finished bay runabout from Brazil’s leading recreational powerboat builder
The South American Fibrafort F210 is smart looking fibreglass/polyurethane composite bowrider with a roomy interior, plenty of standard features and versatile seating layout. Coupled with a Yamaha 150hp four-stroke outboard engine, the F210 proved agile performer with a fun drive.

Fibrafort looking to gain a foothold in the Aussie market
Fibrafort is a relatively unknown name in the Australian marine market, but this Brazilian-based fibreglass boat manufacturer is one of the leading brands in its home country, and has representation in 43 countries around the world.

All models are manufactured to exceed European standards and constructed using a fibreglass/polyurethane composite to achieve a durable, hard wearing, yet attractive finish.

For safety and seaworthiness, the hulls are injected with closed cell foam to provide positive buoyancy, equivalent to Australia’s Level Flotation standard.

This foam is also used to add stiffness and rigidity to each hull structure and to suppress hull noise and patter when running underway in choppy water.

In the Fibrafort boat range, there are some 15 models. They range from the 4.8m outboard-powered 160 bowrider through to the superb F400 Gran Coupe, a twin screw luxury 12m power cruiser that would look quite at home moored up alongside the super yachts in the marinas along the French Riviera.

We ran a previous news item, in fact, about the Fibrafort F400 being available through Boating Syndications Australia. 

But while the flagship F400 Gran Coupe shows off Fibrafort’s impressive design and manufacturing capability, the bowriders and runabouts in the 5.0-7.0m size range are the company’s best-selling models.

In Australia, Fibrafort boats have been available for a few years, but have yet to really make a mark. 

The first of the Fibraforts offered to us for testing is the F210 Bowrider. This is a huge selling model in its home country and around the world, and it is hoped this practical, well appointed craft will do equally well Down Under.


Coupled with a Yamaha 115hp four-stroke outboard and Dunbier tandem axle braked trailer, bimini, safety gear and registrations, 

The full list of standard equipment can be readily viewed on the Fibraforts website, but some of the good stuff includes the starboard side sink with faucet and 28 litre freshwater tank, stern shower, padded rear seating/lounge, removable cooler/ice box, roomy bilge/storage compartment under the rear seats, cup holders and storage lockers all over the place, rear boarding platforms and telescopic ladder, navigation lighting, and a fully moulded, easy care interior with non-slip floor surface.

Our test boat package was standard, but for the addition of set of camper covers (not shown), and an engine upgrade to the larger 150hp Yamaha four-stroke outboard. With this maximum power outboard engine fitted, the Fibrafort F210’s package price lifts to $78,740 AUD

- Easy care, easy clean layout with ample seating and storage
The F210 is a traditional bowrider with a U-shaped seating area in the bow, a sleek, low-profile centre opening windscreen, dual pedestal seats at the helm, and a large rear cockpit with ample seating.

The bow seating area is nicely appointed, but disappointingly compact for a 6.0m plus bowrider. You could seat three people up forward but it will be a bit of a squeeze — so it is best for two adults or three kids.

The bow seating is also designed so that you are encouraged to sit and face either forward, or directly aft, as there are no back-rests along the sides. Instead, Fibrafort has used this side space to fit separate mouldings with built-in drink holders and provision for a set of stereo speakers.

Unlike many imported bowrider boats, the Fibrafort has a decent sized anchor well, along with a stainless steel cleat on the aft wall of the anchor well, and two recessed side cleats on each side of the bow.

Other bow features include navigation lights, low-set handrails and storage bins under each of the three bow seats.

Back at the helm Fibrafort has opted for a pair of deluxe vinyl-upholstered chairs mounted on pedestals rather than the back-to-back seating set-up you see on some competitor models. That said there is no shortage of cockpit seating as there is an elaborate lounge set-up running across the transom.

The helm and co-pilot chairs are adjustable in that they swivel 360 degrees and slide fore and aft. The helm chair also has a flip-up/retractable front bolster so you can move it back and make space for standing up before the helm. That said, the Fibrafort is best and most comfortable to drive while seated as the windscreen, steering wheel and throttle then fall comfortably to hand.

The moulded black polyurethane helm and dash fascia inserts are a nice touch too. The matt black colour suppresses glare enabling a clear view of the engine gauges and instruments even in bright sun light.

On the port side, the dash insert/moulding has a series of storage bins for cell phones, car keys, etc, along with two good sized cup holders.

In the rear cockpit of the Fibrafort the seating can be re-arranged into a couple of different layouts. The standard configuration has the seating facing forward, but you can also fold down the back-rest to create a wide, flat seating/reclining area. The back-rest then doubles as a bench seat facing aft – over the port side boarding platform.

Beneath the moulded rear seating area is a series of storage bins and lockers, including a battery locker under the port side and access to a deep, combined bilge/storage area under the centre seat cushion.

There is an additional moulded side seat to starboard, under which is an insulated ice box. A separate, removable ice box is also included, strapped into place behind the port side co-pilot seat.

Between the rear lounge and starboard side seat there is step-through access to the boarding platform and telescopic boarding ladder. There is little freeboard and nothing to hold onto here however - so you would need to take care when walking through to the stern in anything but calm seas.

Under the centre of the cockpit floor is a locker for accessing the 100 litre fuel tank and 28 litre water tank. The latter services the starboard side sink/wash basin with freshwater tap and the pull-out rear shower.

- Sporty performance for social bay and harbour boating
Bowrider runabouts are generally purchased as social boats for day boating, for zooming about the bay and harbour with family or friends aboard. They need to be good fun. They need to be speedy and they need to handle well.

Above all, however, a sports bowrider needs to put a grin on your face when you drive it — and the Fibrafort F210 does not let you down in this regard. We suspect it may not be quite as much fun with the entry 115hp engine on the transom, but with the maximum power Yamaha 150hp four-stroke outboard the F210 is ripper sports boat.

The 19 degree vee hull is relatively conventional, although it does have stepped outer chines which are said to improve handling and maneuverability. True or otherwise, we can confirm the hull performs well through slalom turns at speed and the ride is comfortable, quiet, and very stable.

The F210 was also quick, accelerating to a top speed of 40 knots with plenty of power and acceleration in the low and mid range. The test rig had more than enough grunt for social skiing and wake boarding... or just for zipping about.

- A welcome addition to the sports bowrider market
We mentioned earlier that the F210 is one of Fibrafort’s best-selling models around the world. It is not difficult to understand why. The F210 combines great handling and performance with a practical interior layout, sound build quality and a very competitive package price.

>> Sporty handling and performance
>> Very sharp package price
>> Level Standard flotation
>> Wash basin with freshwater tap

>> Compact bowrider compartment
>> No bow roller or guide
>> Relatively small fuel tank