Established in 2018, Carbine Marine is able to capitalise on its expertise in import/export, boating, sales, fabrication and customs brokerage in order to offer premium marine products at highly attractive prices. Looking to purchase their own boat, Mike and Jacqui, the directors of Carbine Marine, had firm ideas about what they required. Having experienced a range of New Zealand designed and manufactured boats, they found it difficult to find exactly what they were looking for. They observed that many of the traditional New Zealand  brands were still producing the same hull styles that they had been producing for the last 20 years and the features available  had remained relatively static. It was refreshing therefore when they stumbled upon the Fibrafort 215 "style" with its eye catching lines and prominent stance, a characteristic of all Fibrafort hull designs. Upon closer inspection they were highly impressed with the standard of finish and the elegance of this hull and when they put it on the water they truly fell in love.

Due diligence was a key part of their purchasing decision and having read a wide range of favourable reviews they approached FibraFort directly to check on the availability of Spare parts and performance data. After a number of conversations with the FibraFort export team it became apparent that there was an opportunity to import and sell Fibrafort hulls in the New Zealand market.  Shortly after, Carbine Marine was born with the exclusive rights to both Fibrafort and Focker branded boats in the New Zealand Market.
Carbine Marine is excited about bringing these brands to New Zealand  and is confident that many other New Zealand  boat lovers will feel the same.