FIBRA FORT AND Porsche consulting

The partnership between Fibrafort and Porsche consulting has resulted in the  augmentation of Fibraforts' all ready high quality standards and has further refined the production systems employed by Fibrafort in the manufacture of all watercraft produced at the Fibrafort shipyard.  Porsche Consulting  has analyzed and benchmarked  production methods at the  Fibrafort plant. Using the Data collected it has been possible to enhance both the Quality and reliability of the Fibrafort production systems and product development processes.



Porsche consulting6Q Quality Control

Fibrafort produces hulls utilizing Porsche Consulting’s 6Q quality control methodology, employing quality inspection gates throughout the production chain, from receiving raw materials from their CE certified suppliers to final assembly, including tests on every single item ready to go on board. If a component doesn’t meet Fibraforts high quality standards at one of these gates, any quality issues can be corrected at this point before quality is compromised at future steps in the production chain or in the final product.