With original projects and quality, FIBRAFORT products are certified by the international regulation standard of the EC (European Community). Our quality systems have also been acknowledgement and certification received from  ABYC (of the USA) and of the Russian Government, which allows us to export to these countries.




10-year structural warranty;
⦁    For hull problems of low complexity a local fibreglass company will be commissioned to resolve the issue.
⦁    For hull problems of medium complexity, Fibrafort will send a technician to work with a local fibreglass company to resolve any issues.
⦁    For hull problems deemed to be too major to repair locally Fibrafort will work with the purchaser to determine the best solution which may include replacement of the hull.

Other components:
    Engine warranty;
      ⦁    As per the engine suppliers warranty conditions and terms.

⦁    Electrical;
     ⦁    Batteries as per the manufactures warranty conditions and terms.
     ⦁    Other 3 year warranty.

Finishing’s and fittings:
⦁    Subject to boat being stored under satisfactory storage conditions (industry standard) - 3 years.